Begins October 1 at 12 pm

“These abominations mean to destroy everything proud and noble, everything we hold dear and have fought so long to achieve…” With frightening ease, Tyranid forces have overtaken Imperial sectors of the galaxy, and now only the Emperor’s finest stand between the invaders and bitter defeat. The Tyrannic War will be a nine week long narrative 40k campaign using the Crusade rules, following the Tyrannic War campaign. Players will partake in battles set in a sector being raided and claimed by Tyranid forces, and may choose to fight for
one of three alliances:

  • The Defenders, looking to keep the invaders away from their territory. Any army loyal to the Imperium of Man is well-suited for this alliance.
  • The Invaders, seeking to devour all in their path. Tyranid armies and opportunistic Chaos or Xenos forces are best suited for this alliance.
  • The Raiders, who see the Tyrannic war as an opportunity to advance their own goals. Any armies that don’t fit into the previous alternatives are at home in this alliance.

Each week, depending on the results of the battles, not only will the world around them change for better or for worse, but the players’ armies change mechanically as well. As battles are won or lost, units gain experience and special abilities and players will gain Requisition Points to spend on their army’s improvement.

What should players have prepared?

  • A 1000pt Incursion size army
  • An Order of Battle for your army
  • Crusade cards for each of your units
  • The points value for your Crusade army will be increasing as the phases pass, so with the start of Phase 2 on October 22nd, the points maximum will be increased to 1500. When Phase 3 begins on November 12th, you’ll be able to play with a full 2000 point army.

Entry will be $5 per week, which is applied to your account as store credit. Pairings will be given each
Sunday at 12:30, so arrive before then if you want to get in on the action.

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