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We’re moving (but not far)!

Just Games has burst the surly bonds of it’s storefront and is moving two doors down! We’re pleased to have had four great years in our current space, but the fact is we are consistently at capacity for events, we can’t stock everything you ask for, and we really really want more elbow room. So come check out our new spot, and bear with us while we take the next couple weeks to get things just right.

Question: Where exactly is your new space? 

Answer: It’s on the other side of Sears from our old space, in the old Total Tan location. Or, if you’re not familiar with the plaza, just go to our old space; once you’re in front of it, look to your left about 100 feet. There we are!

Question: Does this mean bigger events?

Absolutely! We already have a Legion, X-Wing and L5R regional scheduled for later this year, we expect to be bringing some bigger scale Magic events back into the fold, expand our support of miniatures, and there’s more beyond that!

Question: When will you be open again?

Answer: Tonight, Thursday March 14! If you’re shopping there may be some disruption as we get everything back on shelves and get new stock unboxed, but if you’re playing in events it should be a pretty painless changeover. If you haven’t been in a while, check it out.

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Just Games gives back to the Rochester area community by running events and donating to schools, libraries and more!

Year-to-date contribution: $12,883.88

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