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Weekly Events are Back!

We’ve had weekly events back for a week, and what a fun week it’s been! We’re pleased to see everyone back, and we’re happy to see how many folks are comfortably returning to in-store play and having a great time doing it! What’s new Our board game library (free to use in store as part […]

D&D New Releases

Witchlight & Strixhaven Preorder D&D

Preorder D&D books today with the two most recently announced titles; The Wild Beyond the Witchlight and Strixhaven: Curriculum of Chaos. We know a lot of folks have been trying to get the hobby covers, so we’re opening these orders early. To learn more about which books you’ll need, read on. The Wild Beyond the […]

Magic: the Gathering

Fabled Passage Promo – 3 ways to get it

Everyone has been asking about that Fabled Passage promo and how to get it! Well, June 18 is finally here, and you can nab your Fabled Passage Promo right away by spending $50 or more on Magic product. Here are some great ways to do it! #1 Grab a Modern Horizons Fabled Passage 5-Pack Deal […]

Magic: the Gathering Store events

Magic Promo Packs – More ways to get ’em

Want to get these fancy Magic promo packs? Now you can get them any time you attend an event! Any player can redeem their rewards points for these packs at any time during an event (limit 1 pack of each type per event). So if you never spent any money apart from event entries, that […]

Charity Magic: the Gathering

Commander Sealed 2021: A Charity Fundraiser MTG event

A charity event benefiting The Trevor Project, Sept 25, 2021, 2pm    This event is sold out.  Welcome to Commander Sealed 2021! This is the second run of Commander Sealed in Rochester NY, as the 2020 event was postponed due to COVID. Commander 2019 was fun and successful, drawing 36 players from across New York […]

D&D Store events

D&D Summer Youth Programs 2021 – Online Programs

Each summer since we’ve been open, we’ve done a robust, in-person summer day program for parents to bring young adventures to. We know having activities at home is important right now, so this year, rather than manage all the health concerns of parents and young kids interacting in person, we’re going to run those summer […]

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