New Releases

Battle Spirits Release event Saturday

Release is on Friday, Release event is Saturday.  Long ago, the realms were disparate lands in constant conflict. Then, 250 years ago, a hero called Kei appeared, ending the wars and unifying the realms into a single, peaceful empire under his rule. However, as many histories have proven, peace never lasts. Two and a half […]


Epic D&D Season 2 begins May 2

Join the campaign players are calling the “best D&D I’ve ever played” Have you or a family member wanted to learn D&D, or just wanted to bring your campaign to the “next level” of long-term adventure with real character engagement and story development? Join our Epic D&D campaign in the World of Ludos and build […]


Pokemon League Cup, June 3

Pokémon TCG League Cup tournaments are back in the 2023 Championship Series season! These events are a step up from League Challenge competitions, featuring an increased Championship Point payout and giving players more opportunities to test their skills in preparation for larger events. In order to participate, players must have a Pokémon Trainer Club account, and be in […]

Magic: the Gathering

What to expect at a Magic the Gathering prerelease

Prerelease is one of the most exciting times to be a Magic player, and it’s an exceptionally great time to dive into the game. Players are always abuzz about the latest and greatest cards, ripping open the packs, and trying out new and unique strategies. Coming to your first event as a new player might […]

Magic: the Gathering

Learn to Play Draft – March of the Machine

This is the perfect follow up event to our Super Casual Prerelease events – great for new players, or for getting your friends to play draft. Starting at 6 pm on April 21 with the launch of March of the Machine, our Learn to Play Draft will run for 3 weeks and teach you everything […]

Store events

New Escalation League, April 23rd

Escalation league is under way! Get to the table this April while it’s still in its infancy, and get to work on building your next army. We’ll be using the same set of rules as our last Escalation League, which will be posted below! Get ready to start playing your army from 500 points all […]

Magic: the Gathering

Commander Party : Universes Restored

Join us for another Commander Party, featuring a new game and prizes! Event will be on May 13th, starting at noon. Entry is only $10, and will run alongside our regularly scheduled bingo programming! Complementary snacks will be available! After the tremulous series of events spanning across the Multiverse of Magic the Gathering from the last […]

Card Games

Marvel Champions Mutant Genesis Event, May 6

Entry: $10 Villain: Your Choice from Mutant Genesis or Mojo Expansion Play Begins: May 6, 1pm At the start of the event, form a playgroup of 2-4 players. Hero selection and deck construction can be predetermined by each player or optimized once the playgroup has formed, but no two players may play the same Hero. […]

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