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Want a summary of the upcoming board game, card game, role-playing and miniatures gaming events at Just Games? Check out this broken out list of special events coming up in May and June.   May 1              Shadows Over Innistrad Game… Continue Reading…

Board GamesMiniaturesNew Releases

From the Steamforged Games, the company that brought you Guild Ball, comes Dark Souls the board game. This game is currently on Kickstarter, and due in April of 2017, but due to a special deal with Steamforged Games, is available… Continue Reading…

MiniaturesNew Releases

The latest in Guild Ball score board technology, this board from Yggdrasil Painting. The kit includes: 1 resin scoreboard. 2 resin support poles 2 resin pole struts 1 resin shield 8 resin team signs 6 magnets Magnetic strip 14 MDF… Continue Reading…

MiniaturesNew Releases

Love Guild Ball, but missed your shot at getting a pitch? Losing your marbles trying to find one?  We’ve got you covered with these custom pitches. Featuring a grass and mud pitch, and a special item for our Guild Ball… Continue Reading…

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Do the words “Soccer” and “Blood Sport” sound like music to your ears? Then join us at 6 pm every Thursday for Guild Ball at Just Games – this game is the miniatures game that board gamers have brought to… Continue Reading…

MiniaturesStore events

Monthly Warhammer League Noon Cost: Spend at least $15 in the store (they have lots of great Reaper minis, GW kits, the full Citadel Paint line, and tons of board and card games, dice, etc.). Format (Using Pre-End Times 25%… Continue Reading…

MiniaturesStore events

Last Sunday of the month Sunday, January 31 5 – 8 pm, for an Armada League $10, all of which would be returned as store credit With enough attendance (8+ players for the whole league) we could add in the… Continue Reading…

MiniaturesStore events

Join us for our first EPIC X-Wing event. How is Epic play different? Quite simply, we play with big ships! You can read more about it here on the floor rules PDF, or you can read the summary below. Cost… Continue Reading…

MiniaturesNew ReleasesStore events

Guild Ball is a Medieval Football skirmish game with a developing following in Rochester, in which teams of players representing various mercantile guilds battle it out on the pitch to settle differences between their employers and generally keep fractious city-states… Continue Reading…

Board GamesCard GamesD&DMagic: the GatheringMiniaturesRole-PlayingStore events

The weather in Rochester has finally turned, and our minds have turned to staying inside, staying warm, and playing games with old friends and making new ones! Join us for our weekly and monthly events, and keep an eye out… Continue Reading…

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